We are so excited to offer you so much at a premium price! Salvation Studios has the ability to record, mix, and master your album. Yet, we also have the ability to make professionally packaged CDs and do professional graphic artwork for your next album all for the low price of...

STUDIO TIME: $5000/$600 for your next album/single

This includes studio sessions, in house musicians, recording, mixing, engineering, mastering, and post mix!


We will spend the time it takes to make your album sound perfect.  This feature is all inclusive in the full price of your next album!


We will make your album as clear and bright as possible.  Again, we promise that you will not be turning up that volume knob!


This part of the process is exclusive to Salvation Studios.  We have included digital distribution, physical copies, graphic design, and album artwork into this same price!  Your next album will be on iTunes and you will have 100 physical copies made available by our trusted CD Duplication and Mass Production Company!